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There's a lot to love about Lowell. [Feb. 11th, 2010|09:59 pm]
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Last night I watched 'The Invention of Lying'. It was filmed mostly in Lowell, and Lowell is very prominently featured in the movie. At fascinating angles at the right time of weekend mornings, with CGI assisted spotless streets and bridges.

It's gorgeous.

This morning, I went to work at Fio's, and I always drive backroads.. past Shedd Park, then follow the Merrimack River all the way to the Falls. And every day I enjoy the view. I ALWAYS look at the scenery. It never gets old. The river in winter with the frozen spots, the bridges, the curves, the college.. I love my 'commute'.

First run this morning was to my former high school. The Voke. Or as I know it, the Greater Lowell Regional Vocational Technical High School District. Pull up to the guard shack, tell the guard (late forties, heavy) I'm dropping off food.. He says (nervously), "I dunno if you can get in buddy, we got some bullshit fuckin' test thing going on, go talk to that other security guard walking over there. I drive up past a fire truck and cruiser and tell the next younger guy what I'm doing.. he says (nonchalantly), "Yeah no problem brother, have a great day.." Dropped off the food, when I walked in, it SMELLED EXACTLY the same as it always has. You could blindfold me and put me in front of the information booth and I would tell you where I was without a doubt.

I mention the ages and weight and attitudes for a reason.. I missed it living out west. You don't get it if you have lived here your whole life. Security guards in Vegas are all super uptight dickholes who would just as soon club you for taking out a camera near the roulette wheel as ask you to please put the camera away.


Because Vegas doesn't let people have opinions. Or moods. Or choices. UNLESS you are a tourist. Vegas is a corporation. You will never be a name unless you own your own business. You are sheep. My boss told me 100 times not to ask upper management questions or voice an opinion. And he himself was a pretty headstrong, no bullshit guy.

Spent time on the phone with dad, at mom's house, really pulling in the scenery today because I'm done at Fio's (almost) after this weekend.. and it just kept coming today.. working with people I've known for 20 years, texting my girl who I've known for 20 years, putting in my notice to work for a friend I've had for 25 years.. every single turn I took pointed to the same thing.

I made the right decision leaving Las Vegas.

I don't say that because I ever waiver about my decision doing it. It occasionally bothers me that I didn't see it sooner. A lot of my Vegas friends saw it sooner than I did living there. And they left first. And at THIS EXACT SECOND? I wouldn't change a thing because I have memories and friends I honestly won't forget in Vegas, and if I come home earlier? Maybe my life changes somehow.. I like where I am. Not playing Life Yahtzee here. I'm good, I will take the points.

And tonight online, talked to another couple people from home, it's just right. Very nostalgic 24 hours. I've enjoyed it.

Now? Things are about to pick up. Time to tell 2010 how it's going to be. It's mine if I want it.

[User Picture]From: cyndi79
2010-02-21 03:38 pm (UTC)
I love how that movie makes Lowell look!

I was only in Vegas for a week, and I thought it was a sad place. You're distracted by all of the pretty lights & sounds, but if you stop for a minute & REALLY look at your surroundings, it's depressing. I talked to a bartender that had to ask permission to get a haircut or colored contacts & who had to weigh in for work. She also had to wear high heels with a broken toe...seriously?

2010 is going to be great - I just know it!
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