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The Flys - "Got You Where I Want You" [Dec. 11th, 2009|01:51 am]
[Feelin... |anxiousanxious]
[Download THIS! |SEE ABOVE]

Hey what's the point of this
Oh hey what's your favorite song
Maybe we could hum along

I think you're smart
You sweet thing
Tell me your name
I'm dying here

Ooh got you where I want you
Ooh got you where I want you

Hey maybe just a smile
Oh hey did you know that I can't dance
Could we talk for a while

I think you're smart
You sweet thing
Tell me your sign
I'm dying here

Ooh got you where I want you
Ooh got you where I want you
Where I want you
I want you

Suffer suffer
You don't get no rougher
Rub it up baby girl
Torture me like no other
Suffer suffer
You don't get no rougher
When you rock me baby
Put your thing on me lover

I think you're smart
You sweet thing
Tell me your name
I'm dying here

Ooh got you where I want you
Got you where I want you
I got you where I want you
Got you where I want you
Want you, want you, yeah

Got you where I want you.

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The drive home (part four - the end) [Dec. 2nd, 2009|01:16 am]
[Feelin... |happyhappy]
[Download THIS! |QOTSA - God]

I get to Craig and Kristen's around 10 or so.. I'm half delirious, but seeing Craig snaps me out of it.

To this point now on the trip.. I wanted to stop at the 300 mile mark in Tennessee to eat. At 10PM. I couldn't find what I wanted. I got gas and continued on. I was heading north still in TN at midnight, was about to get a room, and my girl started texting, so I kept driving.. through SNOW at points. I hit Virginia, got PUMPED, drove TWO HUNDRED MORE miles, and ate at 4AM. Scrambled for rest or a room, working slowly north until 6AM.. then it happened.

I said FUCK this. Powered through to Delaware 12 hours AFTER I wanted food.

10 hours AFTER I wanted to sleep.

Am I bragging?

NO. I am a complete irresponsible idiot for doing that. But it's done, and I am typing, so..

I am greeted with love and hugs and a very large dog and cinnamon rolls and milk. Not a bad way to end that leg. We hung out and watched TV for awhile, and around 2PM I finally hit the wall hard.. originally I thought I could get there, go right to bed and steal 4 hours of sleep.. my body has just become accustomed to not sleeping.

I got a couple hours, we hung out, watched TV.. and as I was about to ask Craig if we might order up some food, Kristen started cooking an ENORMOUS meal for us.. It was awesome on so many levels. 'Colby Cordon Bleu'.. all the fixins. I had been single for well over a year, and didn't get home cooked meals anymore. And with all due respect to Cora, she offered to cook for me all the time.. but I never took her up on it.

Awesome meal. awesome time with my brother, and Kristen even sent me packing with fresh baked cookies and a couple Pepsis for the road. I had NO IDEA how much I would need them later.

Hit the road for the last stretch at 11PM. I was gonna take down the rest of the hardest stretch without dealing with traffic. I knew I lucked out to this point. NO traffic, NO accidents and NO detours. And I KNOW how to get through Jersey and CT.

Get gas, slap my hands together, say bring it bitch, and hit the NJ Turnpike.

Yeah.. it brought it.

I WISH I could be TOTALLY honest about this part of the trip. It will NEVER happen. asdfjk'q;lfjq';wefq;'ogj;'oqwjeg;qg

What I will say? I went in cocky. I was ready to take the last leg on knowing damn well I would not see traffic. Flatlands. Terrain I know. Done this a million times. LETS GO

It had been awhile. What I didn't count on? Construction. From the south end of the NJ Turnpike ALL THE WAY to the Connecticut border. Yeah I am not forgetting New York, it was NO BETTER.

And how did I do it?


She was there. 11PM when I left until almost 3AM.. she CARRIED me to New England.

It was a horrible obstacle course for almost 5 straight hours. Cones, tolls, 23572398 lanes down to ONE, vampires, lightning bolts, skeletons riding horses, you name it. It made me hate Yankees fans even more and I didn't know that was possible.

Then it happened. The hairiest moment of the trip. One of the tight construction areas heading into White Plains on 287.. speed limit is 45 there, I hit the corner of the very tight 3 lane temp highway along side 3 sanding trucks.. there is actually a RADAR showing your speed so you won't fuck around. We were all going 67.

We didn't fit. I sideswiped one of the trucks tires. My car is very low to the ground. My passenger door actually caught on fire for a few seconds. I smelled it, but didn't KNOW it until Tony told me it was BURN damage.

Hit Connecticut a little after 2:30.. she had just cut me loose, and there I was again.. on my own. Nothing is open, too close to home to get a room, and everyone is asleep. I have to derive a game plan to get through to the end in one piece.

I couldn't do it.

I was falling asleep EVERYWHERE. I went to Kristens cookies as a back up plan, they carried me but for only 40 miles or so.. I stopped at every rest area, usually the cold air would help. Not anymore. The highway was glossed over with ice. Had to go slow. After New Haven, the highway HAS NO LIGHTS. Total darkness. I almost couldn't see anymore.

It SUCKED. I KNEW how close I was to home, but I was finished. Defeated. I scraped and scratched my way to the parking garage at Mohegan Sun. Parked in the garage and went to SLEEP.

Woke up about 90 mins later, said, 'Hey go in and play Roulette first, you're here!' Slapped myself in the mouth and hit the road.

What I thought? 90 mins is plenty let's hit it. What happened? It's still PITCH BLACK out and no lights on the highway. I was in NO BETTER shape than when I pulled in. And THIS TIME? I was scared a little because now I am on a MINOR highway with nowhere to stop.

I REALLY struggled to get to the main strech of 295 after Foxwoods.. then the sun started to show. It was the only thing that saved me. Got to the MASSACHUSETTS border. 7AM. I was listening to the song Fuel - Leave The Memories Alone.. And I actually cried in the car.

It was over. All of it at once. The move to Vegas, my failed marriage, losing it all and letting it go EXACTLY like my father did, I lived ten years in 20 miles from the MASS border to Worcester. All I wanted now was my new home, my new job and more importantly than anything on this planet, kissing her for the first time in 46 days.

There were no more struggles. The sun was up. My will was unbreakable. I smiled driving through my home state. I wasn't the fastest car on the highway, but I didn't give a shit.

Hit 495. SIGH

Exit 37.. One town away now.

I pulled in a little after 8AM on Thursday morning.

Left at 6:30PM EST on Sunday night, arrived in MY DRIVEWAY in Billerica at 8AM EST on Thursday morning.

3,010 total miles.

When people see my car, NO ONE can believe I pulled it off... I'm glad I didn't know that people thought I was crazy before I left Vegas.

I went into the garage, got the key to my new home, walked in to some smells that I have since gotten rid of, threw away 54 pounds of 2 year old frozen blueberries, sneezed myself nearly to death and made it a home.

And the woman that helped me get here through literally HUNDREDS of miles? I am forever in her debt. She's amazing. Thank you baby.
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The drive home (part three) [Nov. 24th, 2009|12:45 am]
[Feelin... |sleepysleepy]
[Download THIS! |J Geils - Flamethrower]

I walked out of Waffle House on Rt 81 in Virginia.. there was a chill in the air that was probably there already but I was so mad for so long that I was steaming. When I walked out after feeling so great and refreshed, it was chilly.

I threw on my windbreaker and hopped in the car.. I turned on the heat for the first time on the trip. I got a bit of debris I wasn't expecting, I was pretty sure I hadn't used the heat to this point.. so I figured the dust should be expected.. after all I was moving from Vegas. I didn't use it there.

Even though it was an old car, it seemed like a touch much.. and I thought I saw a couple hairs.. so I was OH MY FUCKING GOD.

The roadkill.

My undercarriage.

Did I just hit puree in my car and just got doused with smkafl;ajfspowfj[]qjpoqjgpqd FUCK


I JUST had a great meal.



GOD DAMN IT!!!!!!!!

However.. I did not know that for sure, but I assure anyone reading this? I was very jumpy and itchy for MILES.

Another hundred miles before I turn east. I get close to the turn and I am spent again.. it's getting really hard at this point. I am on East Coast time now but it's just before six. NO ONE can help. Every friend I have ever had is asleep! Too early for the east coast, and it's 3AM in Vegas. I am on my own.

I pull in to a rest area, and Todd calls.. I tell him what I just wrote and we have fun. He implores me as a best friend should, to stay there and sleep. I try, but ........... no good. I close my eyes for 20 minutes, say screw it, and it's on.

I hit the turn to go east.. I'm headed for the coast now. Thing is, the sun rises in the east. It was about 7AM.. I got to a point where I just flat out couldn't see anymore between the sun and the exhaustion.

In my head, all I want is to make great time. Every minute I waste is potentially another minute I'm not with her. Yeah that's not usually me.. but this isn't just any chick.

The sun KILLED me. It left me almost stranded. I had nothing left. I shouldn't have. I wanted to stop and get a room in southern Virginia. And that was AFTER I passed on a room in Tennessee. Now I'm in ... Maryland?

I pulled off the highway. DEAD. I didn't care that I sat in a parking lot of a very small strip mall with Nevada plates dead at the wheel. I was prepared to deal with cops or anyone else who had a problem with me sitting there like the homeless man I was in the car.

I was numb. It was almost 8AM. I closed my eyes for a bit.. I knew how close I was to getting to Craig. There was no way I was getting a room or stopping now. But I had NOTHING. I thought I did, but at this point, like Todd warned me, if I pushed and pushed, I was going to crash BADLY. And I did.

I thought closing my eyes and waiting for the sun to get up over us a little more would be enough. It wasn't. I made the drive.. But I will now admit this for the first time.. for the second time in my life, I am fairly certain I drove a large portion of the highway asleep. I hit the rumble strip a LOT. Sometimes 5 seconds apart. Hit it, regain composure, and hit it again immediately.

I SAY this because the ride wasn't that long. But I made it a little after 9AM.. made to to Craig and Kristen Colby's compound on Wednesday morning around 9AM.

Thank Christ.

Last leg of the drive is next.
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The drive home (part two). [Nov. 20th, 2009|01:30 am]
[Feelin... |giddygiddy]
[Download THIS! |Genesis - In The Cage (really? wow that's random)]

So I am in.. who knows OK, I STILL TONIGHT 'don't know where' Oklahoma a decent golf swing away from Arkansas, and I am STEAMING at Berryman. I wouldn't even take his calls. I have Colby working feverishly on getting me out of there in the morning, as my resources are limited to my shitty cell phone.

Tasty beverages, a solid talk with Ingram, a fight with Cora and a solid nights sleep, led me a monster makeover in the morning knowing this might be the last chance I have to feel like a champion before I get home. VERY recharging. I hit the highway around 10AM. Indeed, Arkansas was a stones throw. But like every other western state, it was LOOOOOONG. Around 4PM, I very quickly found myself without warning on the bridge taking me over the Mississippi River and into Tennessee.

I was psyched to get on the bridge, thinking I would have a ton of time to snag a couple pictures, but the bridge was no longer than the Rourke bridge, with JUST AS MUCH construction!! Couldn't see over the side, and it was over in 20 seconds. HOWEVER.. it DID mean I crossed over into the EAST. I was pumped. At that point, I had no idea where and when I would stop next. I didn't know where I would stop for dinner, and didn't know how much gas I had in my OWN tank.

Bye Memphis. Bye Nashville. (By the way navigating your city SUCKED).. was gonna stop at the 300 mile mark into Tennessee.. dinner time. Got off the highway in search of TENNESSEE BBQ.. I got off an exit that had literally, not exaggerating.. 328 restaurants. The local BBQ place was CLOSED!! hahaha it was 9 or 10, I don't know what time zone I was in anymore.

So I got mad. And I said screw it. And I drove on. And drove to that last milestone in Tennessee.. can't remember what city.. I know Colby was helping me again, and Cheri holy SHIT was driving me batshit crazy.. I'm gonna have to cheat to remember the last major city.. All I can think of is Halifax or Youngstown. YES I KNOW WHERE THEY ARE :D.. AHH!! KNOXVILLE.

Here is the thing. Tennessee was AWFUL. In my mind, I knew it was long west to east. But Knoxville was the 400 mile mark. In my head, I thought.. This HAS to be over. I am going to hit..... SOMETHING any second now. Exits go by miles. Knoxville was 395.. 400.. then through.. In my head I am hitting a second wind. I can't wait to get this shit behind me.

Then I realize my directions are.. Take 81 North.

Yes, I wanna go north.


But this was a mental thing.

I turned directly north at mile 421.

But WHY?

I know there is something new for me that is probably YARDS away.. I know it's IMPOSSIBLE to go any further and remain in Tennessee!

But Colby has guided my perfectly to this point, and I stick with him. I go north. In my head I know what TN looks like north to south. Even if I just spent 7126395876 million hours in TN, I am bound to GET OUT of it. This is getting late. Midnight. I am fading again and think about getting a room for the second time. Then my girl makes a late appearance.

Text, text, text.. energy, energy, energy. It is pure adrenaline.

HERE is a MAJOR twist.

If I had known THEN what I know NOW, I would have stopped. On 81 in Tennessee. NOT armed with this knowledge, I hit Virginia. It was a HUGE shot in the arm. I actually screamed in the car. I YELLED to Facebook, I yelled to my baby. EAST COAST now. In my head SOON I wouldn't even need a map or GPS. I KNOW the East Coast!! I am almost home! What I forgot was, I know Virginia via 95. Not 81. And that stretch of 81 was another 300+ miles.

I set my sights on stopping in Roanoke, VA. It was one of those stops with the ridiculous countdown.. Roanoke 178418746 miles. 09124781 miles. 1847 miles. BAH

I hit 'Roanoke'.

It was quick and dark. Why? Because I was on 81. It was the TURN to Roanoke. I am not typing that word again, I hate it.

Flew through it. Was dying. Starving. THEN it happened.

I am driving in pure pitch black death highway goodness and I look up too late. I am in the middle lane of a very wide three lane major highway. It's a highway BUILT for tractor trailers. The lanes are VERY VERY wide. I was in the smallest vehicle on the highway for 300 miles. This is what movie makers call FORESHADOWING. I am in the middle lane of death highway, look up and it's WAY too late.

There is a piece of roadkill in the middle lane. I stretched from the white line to my left, to the white line to my right. NO way I could avoid it. It's HUGE. I clench the steering wheel and hit the whole thing. It makes the sickest SOUND on my undercarriage. I just SHUDDER.


The R word mark where I wanted to stop was about 100 miles in. And I was EXHAUSTED. So I started pulling off the highway at 4 or 5 exits trying to find food and a room. One after another.. no food or the room was 600 bucks. Food but no room. FINALLY.. at the 205 mile mark into Virginia, (4AM) and WAY past where I told my body we were done, I found a Waffle House.

An AMAZING thing happened there. I ordered an omelete, some sides and a lot of white milk. I sat at the counter alone, but a couple came in and sat right next to me despite an EMPTY diner. Their talk was very familiar. Obviously been together for awhile. It was fun to listen to. It made me smile. Inside at least. So THEN..

There was a jukebox there. (And hopefully anyone that know me knows how important music is).. No one played it. But it was one of those jukeboxes that plays a song randomly when no one pays attention to it. While I was eating, it played ONE SONG. Counting Crows - A Long December.

Last December for me? SUCKED. For my girl? This is not her journal. However? Not great.

The first line of that song? 'A long December, and there's reason to believe maybe this year will be better than the last.'

That was an easy meal and I left a very generous tip to a very enthusiastic waitress.

I got up, went to the car, there was a chill in the air, and the next part is.... part three. :D
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My coming home, to the place where I belong. [Nov. 19th, 2009|12:36 am]
[Feelin... |happyhappy]
[Download THIS! |Guns & Roses - November Rain]

November 1, 2009.

My plan was to hit the road running at noon, but delays and unexpected last minute 'arrangements' and changes had to be made.

My original plans were to pack the car with what was most important to me. My clothes, my plasma, my Xbox 360 and other toys, including all my DVDs and games. Somewhere along the line, I forgot that I drive a 1995 Toyota Paseo.

My suitcase alone took up the trunk. The rest of my clothes and computer took up the back.

I realized this the day I was supposed to move, as up until then, all my catering equipment was in my car. And that is a LOT more than you might think.

SO.. here I am.. it's all ready to go. Except NOW? Not with me. I am immediately forced to make a decision about the plasma. I know I have to give it up. I owe Berryman some cash, he could take it. I decide against it and strike a deal with Cora. She gets the plasma free and clear, in return she ships my stuff back gradually and pays for it.

I'm set to walk out of the shithole vampire dungeon I idiotically decided to dwell in for less than 3 short months because I thought the sticky wench I lived with who couldn't find a job as president of MGM or GM of the Yankees, might FIND SOMETHING HER SPEED.

And as she realized I was leaving, I think with 3 or 4 cigarettes in her wrinkled 26 year old yap, faked vacuuming so she wouldn't have to say goodbye to the guy who gave her 2K to drink my face off in a 10x12 room for 87 days.

I'm two hours behind schedule (there was no real schedule) but I felt I wanted to stop at Cora's and shower, clean myself up and say goodbye to my fluffy little buddy, Bruschi. I remember the last thing there was calling him, he jumped up on my leg, I scratched him behind the ears, took a really hard look and told him to go see momma.

Cora and I had a short goodbye. It was very hard. It was accepting failure. It was accepting the end. I cried on the way out. I don't cry often. Very subtle tears, but they were there nonetheless.

I hit the road at 6:30 EST. This means to me it was 3:30PM. Showered, fresh and ready. I immediately made great time right out of the gate, despite driving a car that SHAKES at 70 MPH.

I got to Kingman, Arizona while the sun was still up, but barely. Hit the gas station for a couple hot dogs (yeah Mike I will never learn not to eat gas station swill), 2 waters and an energy drink. I have NEVER HAD A COFFEE in my life. I really don't know why, I'm not against it, I just never wanna sit in a 33 car line waiting at Dunks.

Hit route 40 East. According to my directions Colby sent me, this was going to be over 800 miles. I hit it hard. At the 200 mile mark, Craig called me and we talked for awhile. He helped me for awhile.. we hung up then my girl texted me.

And before anyone says ANYTHING? I was driving on a major highway three lanes across almost ALONE.

She got me through the next FOUR hours of driving at 65-70 MPH. She stayed up until 2AM having to work in the morning to get me to New Mexico. There was never a time where I said, 'Baby just another ten minutes..' she just did it.

And she did too. I was WIDE AWAKE when I hit that New Mexico border. And I cruised through Alberquerque (yeah I dont give a shit how its spelled), where I thought I might stop, but kept flying.. The first stop I made was in a rest area somewhere near the Texas border. I pulled in and took a two hour nap at a gas station/cafe/souvenir store..

Hit the road again and headed into Texas. My car was being fucky. The mountains in AZ and NM were not kind to my engine. And it let me know it. It was overheating but the constant driving was keeping me safe. In the morning, I got solid advice from Tony and Todd and righted the ship.

Got through Amarillo, TX at lunch. Was having a very intense back and forth with her that carried me another 4 hours and into Oklahoma.

I thought VEGAS was a clusterfuck of construction. Yeah well I didn't even SEE a sign welcoming me to Oklahoma. The first 872346287356287356 miles were on ripped up rough shitty roadwork highway terrain that I was CONVINCED I had a flat tire and pulled off the highway. I pulled into a gas station, checked my tires, they were fine, looked at a Berryman lookalike and said, "Hey. Tell me something. Is this entire highway gonna make me feel like I have a FLAT?" He looked at me and nodded. Fuck that place.

I continue my journey through OK, and decide that I am going to get a room in OK. My best buddy pal I left behind in Vegas is Brian Berryman. To pay homage to him, I decide his HOMETOWN is the perfect place to stop. Enough time, enough miles. Good nights sleep. He tells me his hometown is at exit 311. (Yeah I know, I should have sensed major problems right there and then.)

I keep driving up route 40.. no exit 311. I call Brian. 'Hey assbag.. you forget where you live??' He asks me where I am. I tell him exit 317 in Route 40. He says, 'I told you to take Route 44 in OK City!' I told him, 'No ass. You told me Route 40 would take me to MISSOURI!'

To be continued.
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I know who I am, do you know who you are? [Nov. 16th, 2009|10:16 am]
[Feelin... |chipperchipper]
[Download THIS! |Snow Patrol - Engines]

I haven't had internets since October 30th.

So I haven't written either.

And I have a lot to write about.. believe me.

But I am deciding that my future posts are going to be here on Livejournal,
and not on inthecage.com anymore.

Mainly because I can regulate things here more easily, writing in too many places
is confusing and redundant, and I am veering off course on inthecage because I
can't always be honest these days, as people may wind up with bruised egos or
hurt feelings.

Topics of conversation to come?

The end of my time in Vegas.

The 3,010 mile trip home.

The present and the future.

I have started at Pizza Mia, I have a set schedule right now of 5 days a week
with Sun & Tues off totaling 48 hours.

My love life is incredible. What a great girl. I used to think I was lucky
the way I fell ass backwards into things, but this is ridiculous.

Glad to be home, looking forward to getting acclimated to the work schedule, this WEATHER
and my friggin allergies.

Also looking forward to making plans with all my friends. And right now I don't have any.
Too much time on my hands makes me do things like throw Facebook Faceoffs or start hockey

So as this will be crossposted as a public entry to Facebook, if you use livejournal.com,
please look me up and add me. My username there is 'ninezero'.. there is also a link from my profile page.

Don't get any on ya.
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In The Cage - Entry 525 (x-posting this one) [Oct. 6th, 2009|10:20 pm]
[Feelin... |determineddetermined]
[Download THIS! |Dave Matthews - Say Goodbye]

"The Sunlight Through The Flags"

"It's no surprise I won't be here tomorrow..
I can't believe that I stayed till today..
There's nothing here in this heart left to borrow..
There's nothing here in this soul left to say..
Don't be surprised when we hate this tomorrow..
God knows we tried to find an easier way..
Yeah, you and I will be a tough act to follow..
But I know in time we'll find this was no surprise.."

Those lyrics should look familiar. I have used them recently. I knew they meant something to me personally, but couldn't decide whether or not it was Cora or Las Vegas. I was angry when I used them originally and was leaning towards Cora. Fact is, it's how I feel about Las Vegas.

Cora and I moved here in May of 2005. With all the best intentions.

It's almost agonizing to try and rehash all of it, so I'll cut to the chase.

I'm moving back home. Everyone that needs to know (besides work) knows.

I am going to slap 4 new tires on the Paseo, get it ready to rock, set my GPS and roll out the first week of November.

Staying with Tony until I get a place with a roomie, of which there are a lot of options already.

My plans for work involve a solid job most likely in restaurant management in a solid place where I can work hard and grow again. If I have to take something else in the meantime, so be it. But NOW sitting still and settling is not an option.

I plan to have the Raiders back together in time for a 20 year anniversary team. February 2010 would be 20 years since I captained the first team. My right hand defenseman Robert Walter Greene has already accepted one of the assistant captaincies.

I plan to drop some weight and get my tone back. I was never skinny, but I looked better than this. And I should look better than this. Already have buddy pals Tony and Steve Lesslie on the hook to make that happen.

I plan to pay off the car in a few months and get another convertible. This car is my buddy right now and I love what it represents, but we all know that I belong in a convertible. Spring. I bring sexy back.

I plan to cut the shit with all the booze. I want to feel what a hangover feels like again. I'm not interested in drinking myself to death. I want to go out with friends and eat good food and not lock myself in somewhere because I have been drinking and don't want to drive anywhere.

I plan to tailgate at Gillette. I plan to see concerts and stay at the beach. I plan to spend time with each and every one of the dozens and dozens of people I missed at the Facebook Faceoff and I plan to not hide the accent I am proud screams New England and not New York.

I plan to see mom again, and enjoy our time together. My grandmother. Our nights at the Lo-Kai, and I plan to take some of the pressure off of her. I plan to LIVE again.

I'm taking my hockey stick, gloves and roller blades, grabbing my Michael Myers doll and my Xbox 360, and I am driving. Not just physically across the country. I am driving in my mind. I wasted enough fucking time to recognize my mistakes.

I'll miss my Vegas pals. They'll be gone from here soon enough too.

I'm not going to be the last man standing. And I ain't giving up quite yet, I've got too much to lose.

Short entry. Do I really need to say anything else?
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Huh? [Oct. 1st, 2009|10:22 pm]
[Feelin... |quixoticquixotic]
[Download THIS! |American Hi-Fi - We're Gonna Find A Way]

Just got a text from Cora.

Cora: Are you in a trench?
Me: No.
Cora: Thank goodness.
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Eh.. sorry but I'm feeling kinda .. not friendly. [Sep. 28th, 2009|10:51 pm]
[Feelin... |aggravatedaggravated]

I am a 10+ year veteran of LJ.

My user ID number is UNDER 50K.

Friends come and go on here.

Including Tress. (She was an awesome chick.)

On Facebook, I have over 300 friends. They are friends, but I don't need to see everything they type, and vice versa.

Here I have never had more than 40.

And even in that group, I am glued to my chair for less than a dozen.

Maybe more like a half dozen.

Thank God for new authors and real friends here.

Because YOUR fake shitty friendships? Don't entertain me.

Snip snip. Bye bye then.
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In The Cage.. [Sep. 23rd, 2009|05:41 pm]
[Feelin... |nostalgicnostalgic]
[Download THIS! |Snow Patrol - Just Say Yes]

Saw more traffic today than the last 2 weeks combined.

Didn't know you were looking.

That's not putting me under any pressure at all.

Lowell trip blog coming soon.

Something tells me, my dad isn't gonna like it.
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